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What can I do with a web presence that I cannot do now without one?


Several important things! People like to view with ease -- from the comfort of their own homes. If you can impress them with the quality of your work from the chair where they feel good, you will be far more likely to entice them to visit you in person where you can really let your talents shine!


If people can see what they are getting (home plans, millworks, building structures, cabinetry, landscaping, etc.) before hand, they will, again, be much more willing and enthusiastic to let you close the sale!


With as many as two-thirds (2/3) of potential buyers planning on using the web to research their next purchases, it simply is not worth risking the huge potential losses involved by not having a web presence!


What can I do with a newer, interactive web page that I cannot do now with my older, non-interactive one?


Imagine if your customers could play with a design tool that would let them create their own floor plans, mill works, cabinetry, landscaping. They would feel they had some say in the process -- a sort of empowerment which makes them more happy to work with you!


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